40 Plus Years As A Target Archer

Jim started shooting larger professional tournaments at the age of 19. He went on to win nine national titles including the prestigious events like the World Archery Shoot in Las Vegas and the Atlantic City Open. 

Under the mentorship of his father, Ed Despart, Jim learned to work on all types of compound bows since their inception. Through the years Jim has coached thousands of archers while working at various jobs in the archery industry including retail sales,  regional manufacturers representative, pro shop manager for Flying Arrow Sports, and now pro shop owner of Bullseye Jim’s Archery. 

Jim also has been designing and modifying bows for years. He developed and patented the Fury X-Cam shoot through system that had influenced many of the modern cam designs of today.

40 Plus Years Hunter

Jim has been bowhunting since the age of 12. Sharing the passion we all cherish, he has spent thousands of hours in the woods.